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Black Diamond

Bringing the world’s best mountaineering equipment brand to life across digital channels.
PROJECT Brand, customer experiences and technology to support a new vision for digital activations and engagement across multiple customer segments.
WHAT WE DID We designed an entirely new brand and digital experience incorporating more than 6 segments and various journeys.
CLIENT Black Diamond is an outdoor company offering apparel, backpacks, shelters, skis, ski boots and bindings, ropes, headlamps and other outdoor gear around the world.
TIMELINE We went from initial strategy, website redesign and re-platforming in only 8 months.


Black Diamond is an outdoor company with roots going back to 1957, when Yvon Chouinard forged pitons by hand and sold them to California climbers. The company sells a wide range of gear – including apparel, backpacks, shelters, skis, ski boots and bindings, ropes, and headlamps – globally. We designed an entirely new web experience that stayed true to the brand and especially to the core customer segments. 
We also created the conditions for online success with a robust direct-to-consumer sales platform (Demandware) and a powerful new CMS. This ultimately enabled a content-plus-commerce experience that moved customers through brand engagement to transactions that could be measured in real time.


  • Rebranding, revamping the customer experience and adopting a new platform was akin to restoring the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel for a company as passionately revered as Black Diamond
  • Bringing this new brand to life online required intense collaboration, a shared vision and, above all, earned trust
  • Technology needed to be architected from scratch to support a global organization
  • The brand and customer experience needed to work across disparate audiences
  • Content strategy needed to align with the customer segment and new journeys
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Both customers and everyone on the client side raved about the new brand and experiences. They loved the new level of immersion and various interactivity opportunities of the new website. 
The new experience met the client’s goals and brought the brand to life in new, unexpected, and engaging ways and built a solid foundation for future growth. Everything we did was assigned a goal and KPIs, so we could measure success over time and optimize as needed.
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