Encore Capital

Enterprise data driven customer experience strategy for over 20M customers.

PROJECT Rethink experiences through the customer lens.
WHAT WE DID Data-driven customer segmentation, journey mapping and CX activations.
CLIENT Encore Capital Group is a $2B financial services company.
TIMELINE Data strategy, customer experience activations and plan in 4 months.


While customers are increasingly global and mobile, they also expect transparent, intuitive, and consistent service anytime, anywhere. This meant Encore needed to better understand its customers and efficiently expand and support services to be industry leaders of tomorrow. Encore Capital Group is a global specialty finance company with operations and investments across North America, Europe, Asia and Latin America, but it needed to understand who its customers were in order to provide service, support and experiences that served each in unique ways. 
We began with interviews with executives and then moved into their data, so we could understand quantitatively who the customers were, why they relied on Encore and how they wanted to be engaged across channels. Once insights were formulated, we architected the customer journey and identified key moments that matter. In the end, the final deliverable enabled Encore to begin the process of engaging their customers where it mattered most across digital channels including website, mobile, customer support and events throughout the year.
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  • Encore had more than 22 million customers with data spread across the company
  • Didn't have a real view of key customer insights or segments
  • No single source of truth for data across the organization
  • The company needed to understand how these customers were clustered and segmented
  • Segmented internal organization with lines of business not connected with IT teams
  • Provide higher levels but also the right amount of support and empathy for each customer in a highly personalized way
  • Limited existing process for digital operations


Encore is now producing over $2 billion under management and over $1.4 billion in revenue, with YoY growth from digital channels. It is using data, analytics and customer segmentation to deliver best-in-class support, service and experiences for customers around the globe.

It leverages data models to activate and produce digital programs quickly, and then optimize even faster. It has gone from limited customer intelligence to a leader in a period of a year.



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