Majesty Golf

Introducing a Japanese brand into the US market through an integrated brand and website launch.
PROJECT Corporate positioning, brand and creative identity, and a global website redesign
WHAT WE DID We delivered an integrated brand and customer experience, plus new content and a robust technology platform.
CLIENT MAJESTY Golf is a Japanese luxury consumer golf brand with long storied history of craftsmanship and unique finishing.
TIMELINE Initial branding through final website launch and ongoing work spanned four months.


MAJESTY embodies another level of luxury and craftsmanship. It’s a brand that cannot be matched in quality and performance. MAJESTY needed a platform that was easy for local brand and marketing teams to maintain and use. It also wanted to keep costs down for this initial launch, so we recommended the WordPress platform as its module-based design allowed MAJESTY to make quick pivots as it learned more about local markets. 
We moved Majesty into a customer first organization. Everything needed to be through the customer lens. Brand, design and platform were integrated from the start. We’re now working with innovation-agency TDYL and MAJESTY to expand into digital events, content, CRM and eCommerce to amplify revenue and drive awareness, engagement and ultimately conversion.


  • MAJESTY Golf is a luxury brand extremely well known and respected for Japanese craftsmanship but needed to translate that into the US
  • While the brand holds premium status in the Japanese market, it required a North American brand strategy
  • The customer experience needed to be launched quickly
  • Needed revamped creative identity, positioning, content and a new website that would engage new audiences of avid American golfers
  • Enterprise analytics needed to be integrated, then monitored and optimized over time


BRINK was engaged to produce a strategy and website that positioned the new entrant to the US market as a luxury yet approachable and accessible brand of high-end golf clubs, balls and accessories.

Through the brand-definition process, we generated customer personas, brand aesthetic and a website that moves the prospective customer through a process of awareness and engagement prior to purchase.


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