Our Capabilities

Our Capabilities

It’s not enough for BRINK to take on and launch a new digital project or program; it's imperative that we know why and how it will yield results. This pursuit of context, intention, and goals is the key driver of our culture and what leads us, and you, to success. 

Vision and Planning_icon Strategy & Insights

Uncovering insights, crafting strategies, and building plans that bring digital maturity to life and amplify revenue for clients.
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Customer Experience_icon Customer Experience Creating digital experiences that drive awareness, engagement, and conversion across audiences.
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Data and Analytics_icon Data & Analytics Using data to drive objective points of view and the right priorities that will amplify revenue.
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Technology_icon Technology Shaping technology through strategy, platform selection, and solution architecture, then scaling front and back end development.
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Digital Operations and Culture_icon Operations & Culture Building a foundation across people, process and platforms to deliver digital excellence.
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Account opertaions and culture_icon Account Services Executing flawlessly against projects and programs with the utmost service and delivery accountability.
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Strategy & Insights

Before you can know where to invest, you need to understand where you are and how to get there. We uncover insights, craft strategies and build plans that bring digital maturity to life; these plans are quantified and measured from the start. Our insights are born through a deep immersion into your business and digital capabilities, generated through market analysis, influenced heavily by customer behavior, and always rooted in data. Early on and collaboratively, we map requirements to functionality, and functionality to results, so risk is mitigated and success rates are increased. We're not consultants, we're trusted collaborators, building trust through accountability and results.


Strategy & Insights Deliverables

  • Digital business requirements
  • Customer segmentation and insights
  • Customer persona creation
  • Customer journey definition
  • Roadmap creation and planning
  • Organization design and governance
  • Budget and program planning
  • Operational considerations

Customer Experience

We create digital user experiences that drive engagement. We conceive and design experiences on consumer and enterprise applications, and we’ve seen it all. We create a model of what matters to customers, grade pain points along an emotional journey, and develop a view of opportunities to innovate from the customer’s perspective. Our customer experience team builds upon insights to generate solutions that propel brands and excite audiences.

Customer Experience Deliverables

  • Brand strategy, positioning and ID
  • Creative direction
  • User flows, use cases and persona development
  • Customer journey development
  • Content strategy
  • Content writing and editing
  • Site taxonomy and wireframing
  • Interaction design and prototyping
  • Visual design
  • Campaigns; awareness and nurture programs
  • Video and photo production

Data & Analytics

A data-driven culture is an operating environment that seeks to leverage data wherever and whenever possible to enhance business outcomes. The question for many clients is how to create or sustain these cultures. We answer that by offering a mix of solutions to accommodate any company regardless of size or level of digital or data maturity.


Data & Analytics Deliverables

  • Data strategy
  • Data mapping 
  • Data architecture
  • Data-driven marketing
  • Tableau workshops and technical training
  • Data modeling
  • Data projection
  • Data science and analytic organizational planning
  • Data science workshops & training
  • Artificial intelligence and machine learning


Our hands-on, integrated approach to aligning business value with innovative web, mobile and marketing technology platforms preserves time, creates efficiency and maximizes return for your digital-maturation investments. We shape technology through strategy, roadmaps, and solution architectures, then scale through a deep bench of development options. We validate our thinking through agile prototyping, observation, and iteration, then we implement through thorough pixel-perfect production and rigorous testing. Our technologists understand design, user experience, data, personalization and industry-specific challenges—in addition to their platform-specific technical expertise.


Technology Deliverables

  • Requirements definition
  • Platform assessment
  • Marketing technology stack definition
  • Systems architecture
  • Data strategy and mapping
  • Front-end interface development
  • Content and asset management
  • Web and mobile platform build
  • Advertising and campaign platform implementation
  • Marketing automation platform implementation
  • Connected device and OS development
  • Back-end engineering

Digital Operations & Culture

Customers demand perfection, and organizations have hours not days, to solve digital problems -- otherwise they suffer growing volumes of lost revenue, churned customers, and lost productivity. Digital operations power how team members work, connect, learn and optimize as they deliver digital programs. The rise of digital offers organizations opportunities to innovate and scale more efficiently, but also build their organizations with their customer at the center of all activities. But managing digital delivery in this way is a whole new world, where every moment is a moment of truth.

digital culture

Digital Operation & Culture Deliverables

  • Process architecture
  • Workflow process definition
  • Integration architecture
  • Governance and policy
  • Organization design definition
  • Organizational capability assessments
  • Internal leadership guidance
  • Change management

Account Services

We strive to become one with our clients and an extension of their brand, team, and overall goals. Account services and planning are part of every project, as they are a critical piece of overall success on programs and projects. We understand relationships and success doesn’t happen through spreadsheets. We execute flawlessly against existing opportunities with the utmost service and delivery accountability. Our team improves solutions and creates new ideas based on situational insights and business direction. We form deep partnerships with our clients based on expertise, perspective, trust, transparency, and results.

Account Services

Account Services Deliverables

  • Program and project management
  • Agile sprint development
  • Strategic planning
  • Account management
  • Account planning


We will work collaboratively with you to determine where and how to prioritize investments that produce the results.